1. 28-30 April 2023 (online)
  2. 26-28 May 2023 (Studio SoHam)
  3. 2-4 June 2023 (Studio SoHam)

24 - 30 Sept 2023


Anybody who is curious about advancing their teaching
or just wants to dive deeper into experiencing
the power of their breath.


CHF 1.450 Early Bird (15 Mar 2023)
CHF 1.650 Regular (from 16 Mar 2023)

€ 1.450 Early Bird (30 June 2023)
€ 1.650 Regular (from 1 July 2023)

Paying in installments is possible. For more information contact



Although yoga is so well known in the world - the pranayama gems are still hidden. The yogic approach to the breath comprehends much more than just the intake of oxygen in our bodies.

It goes beyond the techniques of learning how to control the breath - with a deeper understanding of Pranayama we can calm and balance our mind, cool or heat our body and learn to manage our Life Force.

The sentence “Energy follows Awareness” becomes experience. Start the journey that will, eventually, lead you to tap in to the Truth of your real nature, your true Self.

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This advanced training is open for everyone to discover the world of energy that lives in all beings of the universe.

It is designed for anyone who wants to learn techniques and skills in pranayama for their own daily practice as well as for yoga teachers who are already experienced in the mastery of asanas and meditation.


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Tools that are in you

Breath is our natural born gift. It is in you. The most precious and powerful tool lies dormant in our body. You will learn the why‘s and how‘s to awaken this “magic”. Learning about the breath is something that every human being needs to do. Become one of the very much needed persons that use and can spread this knowledge. It requires no previous experience, no special equipment, can be done in every space and every virtually.

Breathing is for everybody

Obviously! Regardless age or health conditions, everybody benefits from proper breathing. In the Advanced Training you‘ll learn to gather understanding of the functions of the nervous system like stress response, sleep quality and energy management which will allow you to improve life quality at so many levels. Management of our breathing can help us to improve digestion, reduce insomnia, lower stress, anxiety and even help you overcome fear of public speaking or approaching to others.

Experience an instant outcome

With a clear understanding of time and technique you (or your students) will be able to sense the genuine positive mind-body results of Pranayama within just a couple of minutes.



You will further learn about...

  • The physiology and mechanisms of Pranayam
  • Get to know the effect on the body of certain pranayama and how to choose and advice students
  • Pranayama for people with different limitations
  • Breathing coaching to know your own breath and learn effective tools to improve.
  • Yogic philosophy and yogic structure of pranayama
  • Energetic structure Nadi’s and flow of different pranas.
  • Shatkarma’s for improved flow in Nadis.
  • Pranayama and ratio with effective and easy way to share with students
  • 9 different pranayama's and how to teach them
  • Bandhas Mudras for Pranayama
  • Breathings for some ailments
  • Pranayama in the movement (During Asana practice)




Food and accommodation have to be booked seperately. We offer a stay at the venue for €70/day (Total 7 the days & 6 Nights €420) Places at the Finca are limited. Please let us know on time if you wish to book your spot. The rooms are on a shared basis of 2, 3, and 4. All rooms are cozy and with their own bathroom. First come, first serve. €55/day (Total of 6 days = €330) 3 meals and tea breaks Meals include Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner as well as tea breaks. All meals are veg & vegan fresh prepared with bio and local products by our In House Chefs.

Duration (40 Hours)

10h of practice

15h of teaching

15h of presentations and evaluation

What to bring

Yoga mat

Comfortable yoga clothes to change

Woolen shawl (useful for lectures & meditation)


Eligibility criteria

  1. The training is conducted exclusively in English. To fully benefit from this program, you need to have a good understanding of the language.
  2. You need to be relatively healthy and fit. (If you have any disabilities or other health challenges, please talk to us) The teacher training course is a very intense program with extensive yoga practices. The program focuses on more than just teaching teachers, it also focuses on personal growth. We suggest you get acquainted with yoga and integrate this practice in your daily life. You need to have at least six months of yoga experience before starting the course.
  3. If you are going through any sort of medical treatment, please send us your medical history and discuss with us your fitness for the course.
  4. Pregnancy: Please, inform us of your pregnancy and provide a medical documentation.

Application Progress

  1. Fill out the application form below. The Yogalife team will respond within the next 10 working days.
  2. Once you are eligible, note that acceptance of your application form does not confirm your participation; only full payment of the course can do that. Places are given on eligibility and on first-paid, first-served basis.
  3. Students are responsible for their own transfers, accommodation, food and living expenses.

Payment options

You will be sent the bank details once your application is approved.

Refund Policy

All transaction fees are the responsibility of the registrant. A cancellation policy of 400 Euro is a non-refundable fee for your application. This amount will increase to 1000 Euro in case of cancellation four weeks before the training starts and the totality of your deposit will be kept for last minute cancellation. In some cases, however, it can be used for a next teacher training course but only with the approval of a Yogalife director and for a valid reason. If, for some reason, Yogalife is forced to cancel the teacher training course, all deposits will be refunded.

Yoga Alliance

If you do the RYT-300 with us, this course will be part of your syllabus.