How we continue Yoga Teacher Training in times of Covid

How does Yogalife organize Teacher Trainings during the pandemic?

Is it better to wait until after the pandemic to start my Yoga Teacher Training?

No. If you have felt the desire to deepen your knowledge of Yoga, we shouldn’t put that natural impulse to a halt, it means the time is right and you are ready. Our personal development works like a flow that shouldn’t be interrupted. We should not allow our learning to be controlled by current circumstances.

What does a Teacher Training look like during times of pandemic?

During the past period of time, we at Yogalife have become experts at switching our gear fast to continue our teachings. Several Teacher Training groups graduated successfully during the lockdown. Some weekends had to go online. Our experienced teachers spent many hours digitizing our content and we did not compromise anywhere on the quality of our education. We have succeeded to teach in an interactive and inspiring way. Next to that our students got very experienced in online teaching, which is a big plus in a society where online classes have become very important.

Can I re-do these weekends later?

Yes! It is important to understand that once you join a training with Yogalife, you are becoming part of a family. In any future Teacher Trainings, you are welcomed free of charge to re-do any topics you are interested in, in any of our locations. In this way there shouldn’t be any worry in missing out on anything. If you prefer to learn in person, you are always welcomed in the future to do so and in that way deepen your understanding of the teachings.

Can I also become a Yogalife assistant?

Yes! Thanks to our unique CEP (Continuous Education Program) you can apply for the role of assistant after your own graduation. This is an experience of further learning and also experiencing the behind the scenes of our Teacher Training. Many of our students stay connected and in this way continue to grow as a teacher.

Can I also do a Teachers Training from a distance?

Yes! Our trainings are hybrid. Whilst the sessions are happening live, they are also streamed through Zoom, giving opportunity to those students who are living far to also join our trainings!

For more questions, don’t hesitate to contact Sanjeev or a Yogalife team member through [email protected] for more information.