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24February – 5 March 2023, GOA (India)

It is time to organize ourselves in a way that we can catch a breath. In this retreat you will give a sense to your system, to your conscious and subconscious, that your tasks are complete. Just send your mind on a vacation and dive deeper into the joy of lifeAntastha Yatra is a 10 day Yoga process, which presents a unique opportunity to undertake your deepest journey into Yoga and yourself. The program name comes from the Sanskrit ‘Antastha’ meaning ‘deepest, within, core or innermost’ and ‘Yatra’, which refers to ‘a journey’. During the retreat, you will be invited to go on a quest into your own core or deepest self, exploring with gentle inquiry the untouched potential you have deep inside.
Antastha Yatra is purposefully a 10 day Yoga retreat to allow the time for this intensive exploration and unfurling. The journey can be challenging, especially in the early stages, as you work through the more superficial layers of your being, but it does not take too long before the right techniques and support from our expert teachers smoothly guide you to your deepest essence, your own light.
To gain the most from its offering, we encourage you to enter Antastha Yatra with a mentality of total surrender and with the intention to create a fuller life. Our approach is not only to recover our own self, but to prepare, rejuvenate and cultivate life.

LOCATION: Goa, India
€ 1.100 (without accommodation)
€ 1.300 (hut with double bed and hot shower included)

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