Yogalife Festival in Laarne, Belgium

10th to 12th August, 2018

Yogalife Festival in Laarne, Belgium

Never Done Yoga?
Totally fine! At the festival, there is a very open atmosphere where everybody likes to help each other. The Yogalife festival is the best introduction for people who have none to little experience with yoga. When you come for a day or the entire weekend, you will get to know different yoga styles, all from the same ancient source. You will meet people who have been practicing yoga for a long time and who can share their experiences with you as inspiration.

Are you an Experienced Yogi?
The Yogalife festival is also ideal for advanced yogis. At the festival, you will meet many people who, just like you, have experienced the positive effect of yoga on their lives. Additionally, you will meet teachers who have been teaching for several decades, who can share more knowledge with you and deepen your practice further. There is even the opportunity to chat at the lunch table with them or relax together in the summer sun during a break.

More than 100 new yoga teachers graduate from Yogalife Teacher Training Courses every year in Ghent, Brussels, Bonn, Zurich, and Geneva. We also meet teachers from outside the Yogalife community during workshops that we organise or attend throughout the year. From our ever-expanding yoga network, we then carefully select teachers based on their authenticity for the Yogalife Festival. This doesn’t mean that we focus solely on traditional hatha yoga or any one style, contemporary or new, but rather, we choose our instructors based on their lifestyle, mission, and authentic voice while teaching. There is no place for overgrown yoga ego and over-commercialisation at our festival. Authentic teachers are often low-profile, which is why this festival is a great platform to promote them and share their teachings with a wider audience.

What you need to know about the Yogalife Festival:
- It’s an event organized by Yogalife Belgium, one of the leading yoga organizations in Belgium.

- We are celebrating our 6th edition.

- The Yogalife Festival 2018 takes place from 10 to 12 August in Laarne.

- From all over the world, the very best yoga teachers come to Laarne, Belgium for this event!

What makes The Yogalife Festival special:

- Ongoing yoga classes & lectures throughout the entire weekend on a variety of topics and subjects suitable for all levels

- A great networking opportunity to connect with other yoga practitioners and teachers who provide non-commercial, authentic yoga classes.

- Introducing people without yoga experience to high-quality yoga in a conducive learning environment without distraction or judgment

- Chill spaces and cozy corners to rest or simply chat with others.

- Participants and teachers laugh, sing, and eat together … while practicing yoga in a comfortable, specially created atmosphere.

- Promotion of a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

- All yoga and meditation classes, as well as delicious vegetarian meals, are included in the price.


Join us celebrating life and yoga!

Throughout the history of the festival it has always been important to create an atmosphere of friendship and family. People come to the Yoga Festival to meet old and new friends and to spend a wonderful weekend together.

Yogalife Festival 2017 takes place less than 10 km from Ghent, on the grounds of youth hostel “De Valk” in Laarne. In 2017 the festival will happen on Friday 11th, Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th of August.

Do you want to join us at the Yogalife Festival? Buy the tickets on time!

Weekend and Day-Tickets available as well as Overnight Stay

The Tickets including your meals on site, all the yoga classes and service costs. Overnight Stay (Camping and lodging) is not included (you can choose and purchase tickets as well)
Tickets can be purchased either by Bank Transfer or by Credit Card

In program
Antastha Yoga // Pranayama // Morning & Evening meditation //
Lectures // Mantra chanting // Dynamic Hatha Yoga // Yin Yoga // Acro Yoga // Yoga Nidra // Improvisation in Yoga // Bonfire // Family Yoga // Bhanda practice

Meet the teachers!

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The festival terrain is less than 10 km from Ghent, in the rural municipality of Laarne. You can quietly enjoy this green zone on the site of 1.5 ha. The large domain also has two beautiful tents for the yoga classes, a camping, a campfire circle and a parking.

Jeugdherberg De Valk
Mellestraat 18A, 9270 Laarne

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Regular Fee

Combi Ticket €180.- // Friday Ticket € 60.- // Saturday Ticket €90.- // Sunday Ticket €75.- // Camping ticket €25.- // Dorm € 55.-


*Early Bird prices until 01.05.2018* Combi Ticket €160.- // Friday Ticket € 55.- // Saturday Ticket €82.- // Sunday Ticket €68.-


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