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Hatha Yoga Foundation Retreat with Sanjeev, Manoj, Mica und Shweta in Goa, India

October 27th to November 5th 2017

Hatha Yoga Foundation Retreat with Sanjeev, Manoj, Mica und Shweta in Goa, India

Why The Hatha Yoga Foundation Retreat?

In this Retreat you will be able to link the yoga wisdom to your way of life. You will practice, learn and change, flowing with the ancient yogic principles in a modern, easy approach.

Our Hatha Yoga Foundation Retreat has all the aspects of the perfect retreat:

- Enchanted environment and magic location,
- Wonderful season,
- Dedicated team of teachers,
- Interesting, meaningful content.

As a systematic science, yoga covers all the aspects of human life. Once we start to see clearly, we can react appropriately to the circumstances in our lives and visualise them better. Once we know what we want, our consciousness creates the change.
We work closely with each participant, helping to discover your strengths and your path in life, which enables you to enjoy your journey furthermore.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced practitioner, new or old to yoga, this retreat suits everyone. By heart, we know that your life will be changed forever. At the end of the retreat you will have your own practical tool kit. You will be enthusiastic about going back to your life with a calmer state of mind, ready to see challenges as opportunities!


How the days look like?

We we will practice Asanas, Pranayamas and Pratyahara. After light breakfast we will continue with lectures and Yoga Philosophy.

Take a break after breakfast or an early lunch. Walk along the uninterrupted beaches with palms, swim, relax, sunbath, socialize, read a book with a fresh vegetable or fruit juice, get a beauty treatment or a massage, and discover the neighboring villages.

We re-start with relaxation or meditation. We exercise in self-expression and exchange our insights. We end with Asana, Pranayama and meditation during sunset until the darkness falls.

Enjoy dinner, socializing with the group or with the locals, exploring more of the places, shops and markets around Mandrem, and more. When you look for peace, there is always your hut in a quite green garden near the beach.


Mandrem part in the North of Goa is very peaceful and known as the yoga beach, far away from the crowd, noise or any distractions of daily life. Wide white sand shore, swaying palm trees and warm Arabian Sea at your feet.

The Retreat is easy to reach and located in an inexpensive and safe area. Without worry you can enjoy fresh juices, fruit salads and Indian-Wester fusion meals in several restaurants and cafes close by the location of Retreat. In the breaks you can spoil yourself with beauty treatments and massages or rent a motorbike to explore the laid-back scene of cheerful Arambol. It is also the place, where to look for souvenirs and books to take with you back home.

The locals are friendly and accustomed to Western travellers, who have been visiting Goa for decades. The Portuguese colonial period has left a strong cultural heritage that you will experience is the cuisine, architecture and the Christian traditions, that locals cherish greatly.

Enjoy Yoga, soak up the sun and renew in one of the most relaxed places of India.

Regular Fee

Retreat fee € 1.299, accommodation included


Questions? Feel free to call us: 0032- 468 156 160 or 0032 - 493 811 813


Please register by sending a mail to: manoj@yogalife.org