Sep 24

Antastha Yoga Workshop with Sanjeev in Geneva, Switzerland

Sunday 24.09.2017 - 10:00 to 12:00 hs

ANTASTHA YOGA empowers you in your personal journey of self discovery. Antastha - in Sanskrit means “the deepest” - is blindfolded yoga that gradually withdraws you from the sensory distractions in your daily life inviting you to explore the inner space.


Regular Fee

Sep 22 - Nov 26

Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Course 60 h in Brussels, Belgium

22nd September - 26th November 2017 - 3-weekend-course

This advanced course trains you to guide others in Yoga Nidra, and it facilitates your own transformation. Yoga Nidra is often misunderstood as merely a form of relaxation. However, it can do much more: this ATTC will help you understand how it can have an impact life - yours and from your students!

This 60-hour long course can be added to your Yoga Alliance credits.

Special Offer

€ 1.095.- (before August 15, 2017)

Regular Fee

€ 1.250.- (after August 15, 2017)
Sept 23-24

Yoga Malish Workshop with Sanjeev Bhanot in Lausanne

Sat and Sun 23-24 Sept. // 2pm – 4:30pm

Unleash your flexibility! Experience an indian massage technique based on the tradition of the Akharas, the ancient physical and spiritual training centers. This practice for healing uses self massage done in a warm room with ayurvedic oil while practicing a special asana series created by Sanjeev.

Regular Fee

1 day: CHF 90.- / 2 days: CHF 160.-
Sept 30

Yoga Malish Workshop with Sanjeev in Bonn, Germany

Saturday 30. September 2017 - 11:00 – 14:00 hs

Im Yoga Malish – einer Serien des ANTASTHA Yoga Konzepts – kombiniert Sanjeev eine traditionelle indische Massagetechnik mit speziell abgestimmten Yogahaltungen.

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Special Offer

10% discount, if you bring a friend and 100% if you register for the TTC in Bonn

Regular Fee

€ 80,–
6 Oct - 21 Jan

Teacher Training Course 200 hours in Bonn, Germany

6th October 2017 to 21st January 2018 - 9-weekend-course

Yogalife offers you an accredited Teacher Training Course, in the metropolitan city of Bonn, to advance your yoga practice through learning, teaching and sharing your joy and wisdom in yoga.

Special Offer

Early bird € 2.550,- (until July 1st, 2017)

Regular Fee

€ 2.750,-
Nov 17 - Apr 22

Teacher Training Course 200 h in Ghent, Belgium

17th Nov. 2017 - 22nd April 2018

We believe that you have the potential and knowledge to reach where you want. Our role is to help you unfold your potential transforming experienced Yoga practitioners into Yoga Teachers.

Special Offer

€ 2.650,- (until 15th September 2017)

Regular Fee

€ 2.850,- (After 15th September 2017)
Jan 12 - Jul 1

Teacher Training Course 200 h in Zurich, Switzerland 2018

12th January - 1st July 2018 - 9-weekend-course

This full immersion Yogalife Teacher Training - in cooperation with Sanapurna - is registered for a 200-hour certificate with Yoga Alliance. The course is based on the traditional teachings of yoga, including anatomy, teaching methodology as well as management and presentation skills – offering a holistic training to our students.

Special Offer

€ 3.650.- (before October 31st 2017)

Regular Fee

€ 4.200.-
Mar 2 - Jun 10

Teacher Training Course 200 hours in Geneva/Nyon, Switzerland

2nd March to 10th June, 2018 - 7-weekend-course

Yogalife offers you an accredited Teacher Training Course, in the beautiful setting of Geneva, to discover your style through a coaching approach. The self-realization of your true potential will help you to advance your yoga practice and share the yoga wisdom.

Special Offer

€ 4,200.- (until 15th February 2018)

Regular Fee

€ 4,570.-