Els Verheije

Els Verheije

Els is a kind and gentle soul. A lover of music and natural dancer, Els moves through life with grace. Throughout her life, Els has been guided by her intuition, learning from mindful self- inquiry and development. She has a natural curiosity for exploring the interactions between people and nature, the power of movement, and meditation.



Her self-enquiry has taken many forms, including doing vipassana, yoga nidra, reading and learning from creative sources, teachers, her clients and the experience of more than 7000hours of teachings.

Els originally worked with people with disabilities. They inspired her to learn more about the amazing temple of the body and mind. She shifted her life completely by studying Natural Health Therapy for 5 years. During this period, Tai Chi and Qi Gong trainings motivated her to develop Mindful Movements which is the embodiment of Energy, Yoga and Meditation. While teaching yoga, she further explored her interest in dance with a professional Nia-Dance training course, a Yogalife Teacher Training Course in India  and a professional Yoga Nidra certification in Florida, which refined her senses and awareness even more.

She integrated yoga philosophy and psychology fully into her daily routine, classes and private Yoga Therapy at home since 2006. 

As a professional health therapist Els supports people to clean and heal their body with naturopathy, yoga psychology and yoga nidra. She tailors her approach to suit their individual needs by taking into account their health, their emotional style, talents, desires and possibilities. To help them heart fully express their potentials because it really matters to yourself and the environment to live through your consciousness.

Els is currently teaching in Ghent and is one of the main teachers at the Upward Spiral Program in India.