Andrea Freely

Andrea Freely

An enthusiastic and bright yoga teacher, Andrea is the person to go to if you need cheering up. She is sociable and playful, a free soul and truly a people person. Andrea’s deep understanding of people and their needs informs her yoga teaching. Her motto for healthy living is 'Sing, dance and go outside'.


She guides her students to find a healthy balance between strength and flexibility, effort and surrender, yin and yang, and to take that balance into their daily lives.

Having been a fitness instructor in the 80s and 90s, Andrea did her first teacher training in 2005 with Yogalife immersing herself in the traditions of yoga from India. She then trained in Ashtanga yoga in 2008, learning the benefits of athletic sequences and in Anusara in 2012, which helped her to bring in precise alignment from Iyengar yoga as well as Tantric philosophy. She draws on learning and wisdom from all these schools to teach her unique and inspiring yoga classes. Ultimately, she believes in listening deeply to the body and paying close attention to how postures feel in the moment. 

Andrea is currently teaching in Nyon and is part of the team at Yogalifes Teacher Training in Geneva.