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Celebrate and cleanse for spring!

Celebrate and cleanse for spring!

Welcoming the beginning of new life… Spring welcomes change and renewal, in every new cycle, it creates an great chance to remove the inactivity of the winter and motivate us to change our  habits, to find inspiration of a “new you”… ans as in nature everything blooms around us, so do we!

Yogic ways to celebrate and cleanse for spring:

1) Set your intention if there is any change you want to achieve. You can plant a seed (your Sankalpa) symbolizing new beginnings and new intentions. This only takes a few minutes, and the power of intention is huge!

2) Cleaning your space can be a great active meditation while you are cleaning your energy. Also clearing the clutter helps a lot - in that case, you will be clearing your mind.  If you approach the spring cleaning as a ritual, you will remove accumulated energy over the winter months and prepare yourself and your home for the growing energy of this year cycle.

3) Renew your energy while focusing on your senanstions while your yoga class or your own practice. You can also focus on your new intentions while deep inhaling and while exhaling, say good bye to old patterns.

4)  Celebrate! – there are many spiritual celebrations happening. Can be a class in a yoga style you still don´t know or a dance... check our events: you might find one that resonates with you and join in! Celebrate yourself, give yourself some time and enjoy!